Central Alberta Callers Association



Meetings are held four times a year
in September 18, 2011,  November 13, 2011, January 8, 2012 and April 15, 2012


President:                       Dennis & Dorthy Aberle    
Vice President:              Dave and Marlene Symington
Secretary/Treasurer:             Joan and Terry Boyd
Federation Rep:                Norm and Loretta Demeule
Dancers Association Rep:        Joan and Terry Boyd
Alberta Callers Rep:             Marlene & David Symington



Aberle, Dennis
Aberle, Dorothy and Dennis (RD Cuer)
Boyd, Joan and Terry (RD Cuer)
Demeule, Norman and Loretta
Dunn, Cliff and Jane MCKEE (RD Cuer)
Hughes, Henry
Kurney, Dave
McKnight, Neil and May
Morgan, Ron and Connie
Symington, Dave and Marlene


Meetings are held at the Gaetz United Church starting at 730 pm

Come and visit but first phone to confirm meeting dates

Contact the Secretary Joan and Terry Boyd 780-679-0152 for further Association information.